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PM2 - Prod Deployment

If you wish to utilise SenseOps UI Builder in a production environment, you'll need to run it under PM2.

What is PM2

PM2 is a daemon process manager that will assist you in managing and keeping the SenseOps UI Builder application available for 24/7.

● Follow the prior installation Step 1 and Step 2 before configuring the pm2 package. Commands to be executed in admin privileges for the first time

● npm config set prefix "C:\\NodeJS\\npm"
● npm config set cache "C:\\NodeJS\\npm-cache"

● NodeJS Path settings must be configured. For all the users on the server, a default home path for PM2 must be defined.

● Add and set PM2_HOME in System environments (not user environments). Like: PM2_HOME = C:\NodeJS\npm


● PM2 must be installed on the server with the most recent updates.

Execute the below commands to install PM2

● npm install pm2 -g
● npm install pm2-windows-startup -g
● npm install pm2@latest -g
● npm update

● Follow the prior installation steps from Step 3 to Step 7 to install services.

After completing the preceding steps, verify that the services in PM2 are operational. Use the commands below to get a list of PM2 services.

● pm2 ls

● After that, we evaluated PM2 services to see if they might be saved in the dump file to manage application memory and keep them alive.

● pm2 save

Installation is successful for PM2. Now you're all set to build your first solution.