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Boards are the collections of charts and KPIs where users can customize chart, KPI, and table position spots using drag and drop. The user can obtain all associated Qlik apps with relevant information using the mapped QS connection.

Searching the Boards

The user can utilize the search tool to filter the boards based on the name they entered. Screenshot

Basic Operations

The functions accessible in the SenseOps UI Builder board creation and editing are listed below. Screenshot

Create & Edit Boards

Create option will take you to a screen where you may create the boards and enter the valid board name and description that you want to record from the user.

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The board description, board type, and logo can all be changed by editing the boards.

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There is an ability to upload a cover image for a certain board, as well as a board logo image and icon that may be customized by the user. The board logo can be customized with pre-made icons.

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You can share each board with other people in your organization using the Share option. Below are three possibilities for you to consider. Screenshot

    ● Only Me — Because the board is only viewable to the creator, this option will be activated by default. When the board has been shared with other users and the user wants to delete the share for those users, this option will be used.
    ● Everyone - When a board is created, it is shared with all users, making it visible in their dashboard.
    ● Specific Person - The constructed board can be shared with the users who have been chosen.


The user can duplicate the board, and the name of the cloned board can be altered based on the user's behavior.

Publish & Unpublish

After completing the board-related activity, the user must publish the boards, and only after that may the user share the boards with others. Editing or customising boards that have already been published is not possible.

If a user wants to update or customize the boards, they must first unpublish them.

Remove Board

This option will permanently remove the board, and only the board owner has access to this option.

Board Specific Operations

Add Filters

Customize and Qlik Filters are the two types of filters available.

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Customize - These are the filters that can be added to the boards, and they are essentially Qlik field values. ● Qlik - These are the Qlik Objects that are filters. Based on the expression, the filters can be shown or concealed. By selecting the 'fx' option, the phrase can be added. The filters are displayed if the expression is equal to one. The filters are hidden if the expression is =0.

Add Calendar

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Calendar Object and Filter Object are the two sorts of calendars. There are From and To Fields in the Calendar Object that can be filled as From and To Dates.This option allows the user to select the board's timeframe. The qlik fields are used as an option in the From and To fields of the Filter Object.

Add Banner KPI

This option allows the user to display relevant KPIs in the Dashboard as a banner. It allows the user to select fields from the Qlik sense application and includes the same options as triggers as well as a board redirection option.

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The Drilldown option is used to pick the Board redirection. This option allows the user to be redirected to a specified solution board. When the bannerKPI is clicked, a redirection occurs; the redirected board might be any board in the solution.

The onclear trigger checkbox, when enabled, allows the user to keep board redirection functionality even after deleting all the filters.

If the checkbox is not selected, the clean filter option does not apply the board redirection feature.

Add Expression

Depending on the expression, the boards can be hidden or visible in the dashboard. The board is displayed if the expression equals 1. The board is hidden if the expression equals zero.

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Add Tabs

The Add Tabs option allows users to build tabs that display charts based on tab parameters that they customize.

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Triggers in boards

The user can add triggers to the board using triggers. The Solution trigger is the same as this. The specified board will be affected by the trigger. Variables are updated, fields are selected, fields are cleared, or all fields are cleared when a board is opened.

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Triggers are divided into four categories.

Variables - The name of the qlik variable and an expression for the variable are defined, and the variable is reflected in the chart with which it is related. When the checkbox is enabled, the filter value is applied even if the filter is cleared. Select Field Value - The user can utilize this property to give a value to the field they've chosen. When the checkbox is enabled, the filter value is applied even if the filter is cleared. Clear Field - The value of a chosen field can be cleared using this attribute. The selected value is cleared when the checkbox is enabled. Clear All - If the user selects anything, this attribute allows them to clear all of the values.

Board UI Settings


Setting option allows you to customize sub header parameters such as header description, background colour, and board navigation icon. Screenshot