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Overview of SenseOps UI Builder

Why SenseOps UI Builder

Build your next generation of apps with SenseOps UI Builder, a no-code interface builder for Qlik Sense. SenseOps UI Builder makes it simple to build, customise and collaborate with Qlik apps, in ways not possible before.

Imagine having to organize KPIs from different applications, manage access such as defining which of your users can see what and how and publishing insights for your teams. Getting this off the ground relies on understanding of the underlying data model, deeper Qlik expertise, collaboration and many things coming together. We wanted to simplify this experience for our clients.

We have incorporated a decade of expertise and learning into SenseOps UI Builder, to provide self-service, rich visualization and strong governance for data-driven teams. From getting users started in minutes, to allowing customization at most granular levels and fostering collaboration within the apps, SenseOps UI Builder unlocks the best possible value for your analytics and business teams.

Use cases

Most businesses are constrained by what they can build with existing Qlik expertise or sometimes the limitations of the platform itself. This is where SenseOps UI Builder provides a seamless path and quick turnaround for bespoke needs. Examples of common use cases could be:

  • You have your customers, suppliers who are external users and you want to create dynamic, governed Qlik dashboards, you'd like to give them personalized branding, security or create a Hub for QAP Server
  • You are looking to build custom views from multiple Qlik apps and want to define precisely the actions that can be performed on your views
  • You are integrating Qlik objects in your intranet, enterprise applications (ERPs, CRMs) or popular SaaS applications with multi-tenancy
  • You want to control access to users at granular level and like to offer a unified experience for users in terms of branding, security and authentication (SSO) at each tenant level
  • You want to give your business users the ability to create own charts from governed data models or you'd like them to seamless collaborate and share insights without any friction


Features that redefine the experience

Having chosen a use case, you can now extend the power of Qlik in simple steps of Create, Customise and experience powerful features including:

  ● Dynamic, governed views for different stakeholders
  ● Build your own charts and combine KPIs 
  ● Studio experience for Custom Solutions, Boards, and Stories
  ● Custom Filters, Sorting, Toggle options
  ● Custom Measures and Dimensions 
  ● Personalized chart views
  ● Instant Annotation and Sharing

Maximizing returns on Qlik

To summarize, SenseOps UI Builder makes it entirely possible for you to shift focus on spending more time where it really matters - analyzing data and drawing insights for your business. You can harness measurable gains in your analytics journey including:

  ● Faster time-to-insights 
  ● Significant increase in analytics adoption 
  ● Minimal costs to manage Qlik Sense apps 
  ● Better collaboration, decisions at all level

SenseOps UI Builder is an offering from SenseOps, a no-code platform to reimagine Qlik Sense analytics.