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Single click deployment in the multiple environments like test to prod without manual needs.

Jobs & Packages


Jobs are the deployment or movement to environment, where we can configure the desination environment and repository set-up. Screenshot To create jobs, click on the "New Job" when screen would show and below are the details to be filled in the stream.

 • Job Name - Job Description to be filled.
 • Select Repository - SenseOps repository which we have created earlier.
 • Select Destination Server - Qlik destination server.
 • This is the first movement - If this is first movement, needs to select the "Select Stream".


Screenshot When we run the jobs, new deployment file would be deployed in the configured environment. If required we can able to reload the Qlik app by using "App Reload" option. Screenshot If developer wants to rollback the deployment file, the previous version needs to be selected in the rollback screen and using "App Reload" application can be reloaded at the time of roll back. Screenshot


Packages are the group of jobs configured and can be executed at the same time.

To create packages click on the "New Packages" and once the package screen is opened need to enter the Package Name & to "select the Jobs" which are listed in the data. Then click on the "Create Packages". Screenshot

Once the packages is created, we have the option to run the Packages, When we select the run the jobs will be started simultaneously. Screenshot Screenshot

Click on refresh icon to see the Package movement history. Screenshot If we want to revert the changes we have a option to rollback the deployment. Screenshot