Digital Transformation on the Distributed Web

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Digital Transformation of the Unconnected

Know Exactly How Your Assets Are Performing

OEMs transforming customer relationships with advanced asset management and maximizing utilization.

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Power, Frequency, Current, Phasor, Vibration, Pressure, Audio/Video and other highspeed data from grid connected assets.

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Power, Gas, and Water – Deploying data acquisition below the meter and aggregating with meter/grid data.

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Attaching to legacy control systems and wide variety of sensors in the as-built space, driving sustainability, utility efficiency, multi-tenant scenarios, and situational awareness.

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SenseOps is a San Diego startup leading the digital transformation of machines, assets, processes and facilities leveraging the Internet of Things on the distributed web. SenseOps software, running on edge gateway computing devices, acquires high-speed data from remote monitoring sensors and control systems, analyzes the data and presents actionable information and predictive analytics to end-users.

The company was founded in 2016 by industry veterans with well over 100 man-years of experience in real-time data acquisition and smart energy management in the cleantech, smart grid, bluetech, renewable energy and industrial sectors.

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