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UX Container

Add more power within existing spaces in your dashboards. Enrich interactivity of your page elements with configurable container grids, display options, alternate objects and enhanced Qlik Sense actions. Create a guided analytics experience and seamless navigation for users with the perfect composition of page elements.

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Multiple container views

Bring more Qlik objects within your layouts and make your analysis more powerful. Organize your charts as tabs, accordion, dropdown, or carousel views or keep them hidden based on conditions. Go further with nested container views and toggle as needed for deeper analysis on-the-go.

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Enhanced interactivity within grids

Get full flexibility to organize objects within container grids. Choose from fixed column-based grid views or fluidic layouts to define information hierarchy and visibility levels for your charts. Combine the power of container views, flexible layouts and configurable grid elements to accelerate discoveries.

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Custom, dynamic actions within containers

Unlock the power of Qlik actions within the layouts you configure. Define dynamic drill-downs based on custom conditions and show them without navigating away from the container view. Apply more conditions involving bookmarks, selections and contextualize the experience for your users.

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Growth-led teams rely on SenseOps

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  • Higher ROI from Qlik Analytics image

    Exponential gains from Qlik Investments

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    All of Qlik journey under one-roof

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    Accelerated adoption across teams

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    Fresh insights, powered by automation

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