Streamlining Code Management for
Qlik Sense Applications


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Streamlining Code Management for Qlik Sense Applications
In today's world of Qlik Sense applications development, it is important to have effective mechanisms to track code changes, mitigate risks involved in deployments and increase the pace of development. However, when developers collaborate, managing code merges and tracking changes at a code or script levels can be challenging. The whole process is exacerbated by blind spots during testing or manual interventions during deployments, rendering the process less secure, time consuming and difficult to govern.
Join us for a hands-on session into how SenseOps Code Management simplifies the Qlik Sense DevOps journey, providing governance and automation that developer teams need to build their apps.

What you'll learn

Effortless code management: Explore how SenseOps streamlines tracking of changes across versions, ensuring smooth collaboration and traceability

End-to-end workflow tracking: Understand step-by-step process from development to deployment, involving multiple Qlik apps, user roles, branches and conflict management when developers work in tandem

Enhanced productivity: Learn how to minimize manual interventions during deployments and reduce blind spots during testing, resulting in increased productivity and security for your Qlik Sense projects

Who can benefit from the webinar

Qlik Sense Developers

Business Intelligence experts

DevOps Engineers

IT Managers

Anyone involved in Qlik Sense application development and deployment

About the speaker

Shakthivelu RS
Solutions Consultant
Shakthi leads solutioning for Qlik data and analytics and has implemented large- scale transformation and automation programs for clients worldwide.
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