Multi-Tenant Facilities

Monitoring Tenant Utilities: Power, Water, Gas
Problem Statement & Background
Multi‐tenant facility owner/operators lease space to a wide variety of tenants. These tenants often share common meter infrastructure, and the usage of the utilities is not reflected in the lease terms. How does an owner/operator know which tenants are over-consuming utilities compared to other similar-profiled tenants? How can an owner/operator provide incentives (or penalties) to tenants (and their employees) to implement initiatives, modify behaviors and develop programs to reduce utility usage, increase the margin on their triple‐net leases and drive sustainability initiatives? The first challenge is that Owner/Operators are not Utility Companies, and, as‐such, they cannot directly bill the tenants for utility usage. Without that direct visibility and impact, the Tenant has no incentive to modify behavior and usage. The second challenge is that deploying revenue grade metering infrastructure at each tenant is cost‐prohibitive, the installation
process is disruptive to the tenants’ on‐going business and the meters do not provide impactful visualization/analytics on usage to the owner/operator nor the tenants.

Proposed Solution Summary
The SenseOps solution is to install unobtrusive electricity usage monitors, as well as other utility monitoring sensors, directly on the various utility feeds for each tenant (even down to the individual circuit or machine level) and bring the real-time data to a SenseOps intelligent gateway device(s) installed at one or many multi‐tenant facilities. These SenseOps gateways acquire and store the data locally, perform analytics and present the relevant information to the tenants on their devices (smartphone, computer, kiosk/displays). The Owner/Operator has a “fleet” view of all tenants, can perform analytics and benchmarks to improve their leasing margins offering smart energy incentives to tenants that improve their usage. The same data, using advanced analytics, can identify and predict potential damage events (e.g. pipe breaks or HVAC/refrigeration failures), causing significant disruption to tenant’s businesses and revenues.

Solution Scope Details

Key Features

  • SenseOps Gateway connects to existing building management system(s), onsite generation and grid connection,
    and other legacy data sources (e.g. refrigeration/HVAC controllers).
  • In addition to existing data sources, SenseOps deploys sensors onto un‐instrumented utilities and machines (e.g.
    water, gas, electrical circuits) at a granular level as required, even down to the individual circuit/plug load.
  • SenseOps Gateway provides intelligent data aggregation and compression, with up to one-year of local data history
  • SenseOps Gateway with secure login provides local/tenant visualization of their data and analytics on their
    smartphone, computer and/or kiosk/display.
  • Internet connectivity for the Gateway provided by 4G/LTE router and can “piggyback” on existing wi‐fi, enabling
    Owner/Operator visibility into individual tenant performance
  • SenseOps Cloud Service provides aggregated “fleet” visualization, event detection, analytics and reporting
    across portfolio(s) of assets.
  • Entire solution delivered and maintained “as‐a‐service” in an economical subscription based model.

Value Creation

  • Monitor and provide direct feedback to tenants on all utilities usage and enabling incentive/penalty based
    leasing terms.
  • Real‐time identification of events (e.g. water leak), notifications to tenants, owner/operator, and
    facilities/building managers. Notifications can integrated into work management system(s), initiating work orders.
  • Benchmark usage patterns across tenants, user types and seasonal patterns. Identifying “best practices” tenants, as
    well as tenants with significant “room to improve.” Tracking tenant improvements over time and enabling
    incentive/penalty based approaches.
  • Leverage Time‐Of‐Use utility tariffs and shared on‐site generation/energy storage technologies to optimize
    energy costs across facilities. Offering tenants clean/green power for their sustainability objectives and green

Typical Services

  • Engineer, Procure and Construct – Transducers, Sensors, Cabling, Gateways, Connectivity.
  • Install and configure SenseOps solutions in site appropriate manner, connecting communications from existing
    systems and new wired/wireless sensors to SenseOps Gateway.
  • Configure 4G/LTE router and service plan.
  • Configure SenseOps embedded software to collect, aggregate and analyze data. Provide local visualization of the data by users (tenants/facilities managers) in the proximal network at the facility.
  • Configure SenseOps Cloud Connect to receive data from Gateways and external data sources to enable Owner/Operator “fleetwide” analytics and visualization.
  • Host, manage and maintain edge and cloud systems “as a Service.”